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retail media
Data Marketplace
Retail Media: How can we monetize marketplace traffic?
Why should we talk to future marketplace operators about retail media? The simple answer is…
Editorial team 16 May 2022 • 6 mins
last mile management
Fulfillment Interview
A qualified offer and last mile management - the recipe for success
Following his studies in Engineering at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Stanislas Prigent joined the…
Editorial team 30 March 2022 • 6 mins
Interview Marketplace
The Customer’s Voice through Business Consulting and Customer Success
Maxime Tassin worked for 3 years as Director of Strategy for the marketplace firm, Cdiscount.…
Editorial team 28 March 2022 • 5 mins
How to retain third-party sellers in your marketplace?
Building a long-term relationship with partners is the name of the game for the marketplace…
Editorial team 16 February 2022 • 5 mins
Five good reasons for SMEs to sell on marketplaces
The need to digitize part of their business has emerged as a matter of survival…
Editorial team 4 February 2022 • 5 mins
Sellers: how to boost your cross-border e-commerce
In 2020, marketplaces represented 58% of European cross-border online sales. A proportion which is set…
Editorial team 9 December 2021 • 6 mins
Interview Marketplace
The future of e-commerce lies in marketplaces
After eight years with a multinational specialized in business applications, Paul Garcia joined Octopia as…
Editorial team 8 December 2021 • 6 mins
5 keys for integrating a marketplace into a merchant website
Setting up an e-commerce website is good, but starting a marketplace is better! Marketplaces are…
Editorial team 17 November 2021 • 5 mins
marketplace laboratoire de tendances
Data Marketplace
The marketplace, a genuine trend laboratory
Enhancing customer relations through the marketplace Data plus customer relations is THE combination of the…
Editorial team 9 November 2021 • 4 mins