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How to manage sellers onboarding on your marketplace?
As an operator, one of your main challenges is to identify the right sellers for…
Editorial team 13 April 2023 • 5 mins
How to build your marketplace business plan
The creation of a marketplace is a commercial opportunity which requires significant investment by operators.…
Editorial team 22 March 2023 • 8 mins
Octopia’s pre-sale philosophy: tailor-made support
In a complex market such as that of marketplace software solutions, the pre-sale phase allows…
Editorial team 8 March 2023 • 4 mins
E-commerce & marketplaces: what are the trends and innovations for 2023?
In 2022, the sales volume of the global e-commerce market reached $5.5 trillion, and 63%…
Editorial team 10 January 2023 • 8 mins
e-commerce logistics spain
Octopia Fulfillment: transforming e-commerce logistics in Spain
Octopia Fulfillment continues with its expansion plans, and it is now fully operating in Spain…
Editorial team 30 November 2022 • 5 mins
8 tips to help you succeed on Black Friday
Black Friday is a marketing concept that started in the United States and, for several…
Editorial team 17 November 2022 • 12 mins
responsible logistics
Responsible logistics and e-commerce sustainability
Catching up with the e-commerce boom Online shopping and the e-commerce sector in general have…
Editorial team 27 October 2022 • 8 mins
10 mistakes to avoid when launching your marketplace
Creating a marketplace is a sizable challenge that requires deep strategic reflection. Success in such…
Editorial team 18 October 2022 • 5 mins
Dropshipping Marketplace
Marketplaces and dropshipping: what’s the difference?
Marketplaces are a digital space where vendors list their products and offer them to buyers,…
Editorial team 12 October 2022 • 7 mins