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Seller marketplace
How to coordinate your seller community on your marketplace?
In 2020, the world’s top hundred marketplaces recorded sales equivalent to 2,670 billion dollars, a…
Editorial team 30 August 2021 • 6 mins
Mainstream or niche: which marketplace is best?
In 2020, 62% of e-commerce sales worldwide were made on marketplaces.[1] 155 of those marketplaces…
Editorial team 20 August 2021 • 5 mins
Achieving a successful customer experience on your marketplace
Half of customers now place greater value on their buying experience than previously.[1] A single…
Editorial team 19 August 2021 • 5 mins
Managing your shipments: the new holy grail of the marketplace
For retailers, the end of the summer holidays is one of their biggest peaks of…
Editorial team 13 August 2021 • 5 mins
The marketplace opens the way to a new era of retail
Purchasing behaviors have evolved as a consequence of the health crisis. In 2020, e-commerce sales…
Editorial team 7 July 2021 • 6 mins