In a world where sellers are exposed to a wide range of marketplaces, integrating on a platform represents a real challenge! This is why Octopia has developed an innovative solution within its technology: ‘Self-Onboarding’, facilitating and simplifying the process of integrating sellers into marketplaces.

This tool, specifically designed for marketplaces, revolutionises the seller onboarding experience, transforming what was once a complex and tedious process into a smooth and intuitive one. 

Why is Self-Onboarding Essential for Marketplaces? 

Registering sellers on a marketplace is an essential regulatory step, requiring the collection of a great deal of information and documents. It can be a long and daunting process. The Self-Onboarding tool created by Octopia offers an effective alternative: a dedicated CRM that assists marketplaces and facilitates the seller registration process, right through to full activity! 

  • Simplicity and efficiency: Octopia’s integrated CRM facilitates the collection of information, transmission to the PSP (Payment Service Provider), and monitoring of the compliance process. Everything is designed to make integration as seamless and straightforward as possible.
  • Improved communication: With integrated messaging, you can communicate more effectively with your sellers, ensuring better understanding and optimal follow-up. 
  • Personalised follow-up: Seller follow-up, service sales and dedicated support are essential components of our CRM. Hence, enabling effective and personalised management of the sellers on your marketplace.
  • No additional costs: As an integral part of Octopia’s global solution, ‘Self-Onboarding’ does not require any additional integration projects or additional costs.
  • Acceleration of GMV: SelfOnboarding plays a crucial role in increasing the gross merchandise value (GMV) of marketplaces. By simplifying and speeding up the integration of new sellers, it enables the rapid expansion of product offering, thereby increasing transactions and, consequently, sales.

SelfOnboarding redefines the way in which sellers enter marketplaces, offering a solution that not only simplifies the onboarding process but also ensures optimised monitoring and management thanks to the dedicated CRM. For marketplace operators looking to optimise the experience of their sellers while ensuring regulatory compliance, Self-Onboarding is the solution par excellence.

Simplify the integration of sellers on your marketplace today with Octopia. Discover how our solution can accelerate the recruitment of sellers on your platform.

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

Delphine Gouit
Delphine Gouit