FAQ : Sell on marketplaces

Go to “Your sales channels” on your seller page. Depending on your eligibility criteria (product categories, store address, etc.), you will see a list of marketplaces available on which to sell your products. With a single click, you can access the description of the sales channel and tailor your prices according to your reference catalogue. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, you will be able to sell your products on the marketplace.  

Once you’ve received your first orders, you can ship your products. We offer an optional logistics service to facilitate your shipments.


With Octopia Fulfillment, you can entrust your products to us for storage in our warehouses, and we’ll take care of preparation and delivery on your behalf.

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The more detailed a product description is, the more often your product will be viewed. If you haven’t enriched your product descriptions during catalogue creation, remember to complete the images, long text, additional descriptive information and marketing description. Be sure to check all the criteria and attributes of your product so that it is visible when a customer performs a filtered search. This will help you to gain in visibility.  

First you will need to create your products, if they don’t already exist on the marketplace, by adding your product specifications. Then publish your offers with your marketing information. These two steps can be carried out individually, in bulk with an Excel file, or via an API if you have developed one. Your products will then be online and visible on the site.  

We ask for identification, company and bank documents. Additional documents may sometimes be required, depending on the country in which your company is registered and the sales channel you wish to use.  

Integration is totally free, with no additional fees added to the commissions charged by the sales channel.