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e-commerce logistics spain
Octopia Fulfillment: transforming e-commerce logistics in Spain
Octopia Fulfillment continues with its expansion plans, and it is now fully operating in Spain…
Editorial team 30 November 2022 • 5 mins
responsible logistics
Responsible logistics and e-commerce sustainability
Catching up with the e-commerce boom Online shopping and the e-commerce sector in general have…
Editorial team 27 October 2022 • 8 mins
Fulfillment Marketplace
What is Fulfillment and why you should consider it?
What is fulfillment? In e-commerce, fulfillment refers to the steps taken by a seller (or…
Editorial team 13 September 2022 • 4 mins
last mile management
Fulfillment Interview
A qualified offer and last mile management - the recipe for success
Following his studies in Engineering at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Stanislas Prigent joined the…
Editorial team 30 March 2022 • 6 mins
How to improve the profitability of your e-logistics
According to Forrester, 57 % of B2C e-commerce sales in the USA currently go through…
Editorial team 20 December 2021 • 5 mins
customer experience
How does delivery influence customer experience?
“With the boom in e-commerce, customers have become collectors of delivery experiences.” So says Thierry…
Editorial team 26 October 2021 • 6 mins
Managing your shipments: the new holy grail of the marketplace
For retailers, the end of the summer holidays is one of their biggest peaks of…
Editorial team 13 August 2021 • 5 mins