Merchants as a Service accelerates your marketplace and puts you among the market leaders

Expand your offering in your core market, explore peripheral categories to generate incremental business volume, and develop your long tail to meet all needs and become the leading site in your sector.

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Expand your marketplace offering and accelerate your business

  • Expand your offering in your core market and develop peripheral categories
  • Access our database of 14,000 international qualified and rated sellers managed by our account managers
  • Select the products and brands of your choosing from among 100 million items in our multi-specialist catalog
  • Use multiple criteria filtering to perfectly match your product selection to your marketing positioning
  • Stand out from the crowd with quality home or pick-up delivery services by accessing the 2,700 sellers that use our Fulfillment service

Benefit from quick and easy integration

  • Benefit from our APIs and standard connectors compatible with marketplace technologies
  • Discover our product offering management interface to efficiently select the items of your choosing
  • Increase your agility by delegating or transfering KYC processes
  • Limit risks with our entirely pay-for-performance payment model
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The benefits

You rapidly develop your business by onboarding several hundred qualified sellers that fit your categories and criteria

We rapidly connect to your marketplace: we manage seller onboarding for you

By making things simple for our sellers, we encourage them to connect to your marketplace, whatever its size

You offer your customers a very high level of service: you access the sellers who use our Fulfillment service, and develop your own logistics solution

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