Manage your shipments with Octopia Transport

Using an intuitive interface, optimize your order management by centralizing all your marketplaces, transport contracts and CMS!

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Our value proposition

connected marketplaces

connected carriers

negotiated transport contracts


registered e-merchants

72 sales channels accessible

Connect your marketplaces in just a few clicks. Enjoy access to 72 marketplaces including market leaders!


8 transport contracts negociated

Take advantage of our negotiated rates and reduce your costs. Connect your own transport contracts and continue to benefit from the platform's multiple features.

Transport label printing

Using an intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily create your shipping labels for your shipments and customer returns.

More than 150 carriers available

These carriers allow you to deliver express or standard to your client address or directly to a collection point.

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Customs support

We assist you with your shipments outside Europe with our paperless trade option. With this option you can digitize your invoices, streamline your deliveries and simplify your customs declarations.

Customer returns

Reassure your customers by offering them a simple returns solution throughout France and Europe.

International coverage

Don't limit yourself to shipping in France!

Benefit from the platform's international delivery companies to ship to Europe and beyond.

Bateau porte containers à quai d'un port logistique

Time saving

Manage all your sales platform shipments from a single interface with Octopia Transport

Cost savings

Benefit from transport contracts negotiated by our teams

Improved customer experience

Communicate real-time delivery information to your customers

Operational support Benefit from a dedicated support service to help you manage your e-commerce shipments

We are at your side!

Print all your shipping labels and ship your orders with ease using a single interface.


How does it work?

Optimize your order management by centralizing all your marketplaces, transport contracts and CMS, and creating your labels via a single interface. Choose from a large panel of delivery companies to deliver to your customers worldwide!


How much does it cost to use the platform?

You only pay if you use a delivery service.  We can provide you clear and transparent pricing schedules prior to registration.

You prefer to use your own transport contracts? Maintain control with a single monthly subscription of €29.99 excl. VAT.

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