Our IT security and fraud prevention teams use and develop a number of technologies on a daily basis to improve their effectiveness.

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Intégration technique de l'API simplifiée avec des coûts maitrisés.
Un client commande de façon sécurisée sur une marketplace
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Développement de solution sécurisé pour votre e-commerce et marketplace
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Our vision of security

IT security is a priority for all of our customers, and we place great importance on ensuring the highest level of data and transaction protection within our platform.

Always at the forefront of cybersecurity, we have historically invested heavily in the most advanced technological tools, and had our teams develop the key elements of our platform architecture, with significant dedicated human resources. Regular audits, under the supervision of a Security Operation Center, allow us to have a fine-tuned vision of all the traffic passing through our infrastructure, and thus meet the most stringent requirements in terms of analysis and responsiveness.

Payment security

We guarantee our customers a very high level of data security. We do not store any banking data on our website and we are certified according to the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Développement de solution sécurisé pour votre e-commerce et marketplace


Our infrastructure is structured on state-of-the-art technical solutions, allowing us to protect our services with the highest level of resilience:

  • advanced filtering solutions, allowing us to block denial of service (“DDOS”) and bot attacks thanks to artificial intelligence-based detection
  • analysis of usage logs by our Security Operation Center (“SOC”) to react in real time to any threat
  • secure, multi-geographic hosting, recognized by numerous certifications
  • a data backup system allowing an ultra-fast restart of the services, with a minimal probability of data loss
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