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At Octopia we believe in sharing know-how. Today, we can provide you with the benefit of our ten years' experience as a marketplace operator and the expertise of more than 450 staff.

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Key figures


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of expertise as a marketplace operator

Our expertise

Creating and developing a marketplace requires a great deal of investment, not just in terms of technology and logistics, but also seller recruitment.

Since 2011, we have operated the marketplace Cdiscount, which today has 100 million products and 14,000 qualified sellers. 800 computer engineers and data scientists have worked on the development of our own technological solutions. Thanks to our logistics expertise, we are able to ship more than 23 million parcels a year and deliver to almost than 30 countries in Europe.

With this comprehensive know-how, we can effectively support you in defining your project and will be at hand to assist you throughout its technical and organizational implementation, adapting your company's processes to the operation of a marketplace.

Our values


We offer robust technology and experienced teams


We provide our customers with change support and help them expand their business


We adapt to the needs of every customer and focus on operational implementation

Senior Management Team


Thomas Métivier

Chief Executive Officer

Jérôme Radiguer

Head of Marketing & Customer Success

François Marical

Head of Products & Development

Stanislas Prigent

Head of Operations & Fulfillment

Johana Belon

Human Resources Business partner

Paul Garcia

Head of Sales

Charlotte Rande

Mission Director for Finance

Julien Piquee

Head of Financial Projects

Sixte Aronio de Romblay

Head of Octopia Products

Our promise

The rise of the marketplace model is opening up a new era in the history of e-commerce. It brings distributers and retailers into a new world that accelerates and massively increases sales and opportunities.

This ecosystem is rich, intense, but also complex. It must be understood and mastered. With the benefit of its expertise in this ecosystem, Octopia can guide you through the workings of the e-commerce of tomorrow.

We not only support distributors and retailers in their transformation as marketplace operators, but also merchants in developing their sales on these platforms. At every stage and whatever your needs, we can bring you advice, know-how and expertise to help you achieve a critical size as quickly as possible and enable you to benefit from the many opportunities of this new era of e-commerce.

Our added value


Dedicated support in the implementation and use of the solution

Our presence

Regular contact to manage your development and share good practices

Our expertise

Access to experts in all aspects of marketplaces

Our follow-up

KPI tracking and sharing, keys in the success of your marketplace

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