Automate your business on Octopia′s partner marketplaces

Connect your IT system to our APIs and increase your agility, quality of service and customer responsiveness. Automate product descriptions, product updates, order management and customer relationship management.

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Centre de contrôle d'un système global e-commerce
Développement de solution sécurisé pour votre e-commerce et marketplace
Des équipes à l'écoute pour mettre en place votre projet marketplace e-commerce
Développement, Design, BackOffice... une équipe complète pour vous assister.
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Intégration technique de l'API simplifiée avec des coûts maitrisés.

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Why use APIs?

With the APIs, you can automate the management of your business and save valuable time to focus on your sales strategies. Create product sheets, update your offers and manage your orders and customer relationships quickly.

Where can you find information about APIs?

All the necessary Octopia APIs documentation, designed for sellers or their integrating partners, can be easily viewed on our dedicated site: workflow, endpoints, samples, best practices, accessibility, and more.

Develop our API to suit your needs with the help of the documentation available on our Octopia Developer Portal.

Discover the API documentation

The benefits

Accelerate your sales

Update your products in real time, use business tools to best advantage and adapt your pricing strategy using the APIs.

A single API for all marketplaces in the Octopia network

Gain rapid access to a variety of channels with the help of a latest generation APIs.

Equipe travaillant à améliorer son business ecommerce

Benefit from specialized support

Contact us via our ticketing system, or arrange a telephone appointment with our API support team.

Optimize your customer relationship management

Retrieve all communication you have with your customers and improve your responsiveness. Synchronize all service quality indicators instantly.

Relation client et accompagnement des

Automate your order processing

Collect your orders in real time and automate shipping by connecting with your delivery companies.

Manage your logistics

Create purchase orders, view your warehouse inventory and create external orders with ease.

Gestion des stocks et logistiques à l'aide d'outils numériques et digitaux
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