The marketplace solution to develop your e-commerce business

Octopia offers a comprehensive marketplace solution combining a unique technological platform, access to a approved catalog of products and brands, a Fulfillment service and proven business experience.

Your marketplace project will benefit from our expertise in the e-commerce value chain, acquired over more than 10 years with the largest marketplace operators in Europe. Together, we achieve more than €1.5 billion in business volume per year.

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Why choose Octopia?

Gain access to the 4 key success factors that are essential to the success of your marketplace project.


Access a robust and dynamic technology to build your marketplace

  • A platform proven over more than 10 years
  • A high-performance IT architecture that supports more than 300M vendor updates per day
  • 100,000+ orders processed per day
  • APIs and connectors designed to accelerate and simplify the "go to market"


Boost your sales with access to a unique seller ecosystem

  • +14,000 sellers from 70 countries
  • Continuously rated sellers in order to identify the most relevant
  • A simple interface to easily select sellers and their products
  • A team of experts to help you build your product strategy


Optimize the last mile by integrating Fulfillment in your services

  • An average NPS increase of +15 pts for the sellers using Fulfillment
  • Delivery times always met, with 99.7% of shipments made on time
  • +540K m² of warehouse space available to you in Europe
  • An efficient network for delivering small and large products to nearly 30 countries


Draw on the expertise of a recognised leading operator

  • Transfer of operational know-how to your teams
  • Sharing of key processes developed over the course of our 10 years' experience
  • Support in key strategic areas: marketing, onboarding, customer relations, logistics, finance, and more
  • +450 tech and marketplace experts on hand

We support you at every stage to ensure the success of your project

Creating and developing a marketplace requires a great deal of investment in terms of technology, logistics, and seller recruitment and management.

Relation client et accompagnement des

Depuis 2011, nous opérons la marketplace de Cdiscount qui compte aujourd'hui 100 millions de produits et 14 000 vendeurs qualifiés. Plus de 450 experts tech et marketplace ont développé une plateforme robuste et scalable qui traite plus de 100 000 commandes par jour et livre dans près de 30 pays en Europe.

With this comprehensive know-how, we can effectively support you in defining your project. We will be at your side to ensure its technical and organizational implementation and to adjust your company's processes to the operation of a successful marketplace.

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Join the unique ecosystem that brings together the world's leading marketplaces

Octopia connects 560 websites worldwide and millions of potential customers! Benefit from new services to accelerate your e-commerce development in France and abroad. Join the adventure!
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Understand the winning model for the coming decades

“The marketplace is the new sales model: an intermediary platform connecting thousands of sellers with millions of consumers and offering a unique buying experience for customers looking for the right product at the right price, delivered to their homes in an efficient and timely way.”
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Octopia's APIs and connectors to accelerate your marketplace transformation

Why use APIs?

By connecting your information system to our APIs, you will improve your agility, quality of service and customer responsiveness.
Our APIs ensure that your marketplace can be deployed or expanded with minimal effort and investment.

What are our main APIs?

Client & Seller support

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